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mimi eDesign

What is really important to us? The path.

What do we mean by the path?

The birth of an idea; lighting the conceptual spark, seeing it through to completion, and offering quality support long after the idea has become reality.

About mimi eDesign

mimi eDesign is a crew of coder pioneers who create clean, usable and inspiring digital experiences for their customers. We are passionate about design; we are thinkers, problem-solvers and technologists, with a wide spectrum of complementary skills, interests and perspectives. We have a strong focus on three elements that are the foundation of our work: usability, cutting-edge technologies, and precision.

...And we are nice!..

  • UI Design / Logo Design & Branding

    Your ideas need to sell: we know that. And we can make that happen. From logo design to branding, from websites to app design, we guarantee visual impact blended with top functionality. What more can you ask?

  • Responsive website development / Mobile development / E-Commerce Development / CMS

    A successful product is error-free; you know that, we know how to ensure it. There is only one way to produce the best: to choose from among the world's most recent technologies, to put effort into development, and into getting the widest possible feedback for improvement. We provide several development solutions for many different purposes: e-commerce, mobile applications, web applications, and content management systems.